Perks Of The Job

I don’t know of any other job on this earth that involves this many cuddles.


OK. So apparently I’m giving blogging a go. Not quite sure why or who for, but I’ve been flirting with the idea for a little while and I’ve taken the plunge!

So I’m wife to Adam, new mum to the beautiful Annabelle and I’m currently on maternity leave from my job as Deputy head and a primary school teacher. I’ve been off work now for over 3 months and I can honestly say, I love not working! I was worried I’d feel a bit lost and disconnected from the world.

I’ve always worked. I got my first job when I was 16 at Gap (best discount ever!) and worked there until I went to university, after a brief spell of working for Kent Police with my dad. During my 3 years at university, I always had a little job to ease the financial strain of uni, and every easter and summer, I found myself a temporary job. Former jobs include mortgage call person (truly sorry to anyone I rang), cleaner for the elderly, sales person for Rosebys, administrator for an employment tribunal and counting people at train stations (a career high). I then bagged myself a job as a teacher in a great little primary school and have worked there for 9 years.

So going on maternity leave was certainly a shock to the system. Before Annabelle was born, Continue reading “Perks Of The Job”


Annabelle has been the big O N E for a month now, so it’s about time I pulled my finger out and blogged about it!

We had such a lovely time celebrating her birthday, and I loved seeing Annabelle surrounded by friends and family. We decided to enjoy her actual birthday just as a family of 3, and spent the day doing things we knew Annabelle would enjoy. We had a lazy morning opening presents, and she was so good at unwrapping the paper. We went for lunch at Wagamammas as she loves noodles and veg and they do a great kids menu (although she would much prefer the adult meal!) After lunch we took her to soft play for the first time and she loved it! When we got home, she had her first taste of birthday cake Continue reading “O N E”

The End of the Beginning

After 1 year and 6 days of maternity leave, I’m heading back to work. I’ve been asked countless times how I feel about it and the truth is, I’m not sure really. I’m not dreading it, but I’m not excited about it either. It was always part of the plan to go back to work, so I knew to expect it. Of course I have loved every second of the last year with Annabelle and of course I can’t even begin to imagine what it’ll be like being apart from her for longer than a few hours, but I think I feel ok about it all. Continue reading “The End of the Beginning”


The word ‘reflection’ can mean so many different things and provoke many different emotions within someone. As a teacher, I would strongly encourage the children to reflect on their work, their learning or their behaviour. What have they learnt; how have they learnt it; how can this help them in the future. While I may preach this to my class, I find it hard to reflect on my actions and behaviours although this is something I am trying more recently to improve on.

I like reflecting back on old memories, from my childhood, or my late teens/early twenties when, looking back, I realise I was fun and relatively Continue reading “Reflection”

Woes of Weaning

When speaking to a few friends, many were so excited about the prospect of their babies starting to eat ‘proper’ food. And I think for most of us, it’s been a really difficult and unexpectedly bumpy journey. Just feeding them milk seemed like such a simpler time! Who knows, perhaps there are babies out there who are eating 3 course meals perfectly with a knife and fork from 7 months. But the reality is, it’s a long slog and there will be more food in the carpet, on the curtains and in your hair than in your babies mouth.

It felt great to get back on the writing bandwagon last week after a fairly lengthy and unplanned absence. It’s amazing how the words start tumbling out once I get going! However, there is something I had started to include in my last post but I ended up taking it out as it didn’t feel like it fit in. As I was reading it back, I realised that it has been such a huge part of the last 4 months and therefore, deserved it’s very own post.


Oh the “joys” of weaning. Continue reading “Woes of Weaning”

Cheeky, Fun and 10 Months Young

I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since my last post! I’ve had every intention of writing another post for months now. At the beginning of a new week, I tend to give myself a mental check list of things to do in the week to come, and every Monday I tell myself, ‘I’ll write a new post this week’, and it gets to the following week and it’s back on my mental checklist again. It’s not because I’ve been stuck on things to write; in fact I’ve written about 9 blog posts in my head! But then came the problem that too much time had lapsed and I didn’t know how to catch up on everything I wanted to write about. So the thought of writing became daunting, which is completely the opposite reason why I started this in the first place! So I’ve given myself a bit of a talking to, found a quiet few minutes (they do exist!) and bitten the bullet.  Continue reading “Cheeky, Fun and 10 Months Young”

Life Begins At 6 Months!

Up until now, her development has happened very organically. But 6 months is a different story. At 6 months, a whole new world is opening up to her and it’ll be interesting to see what she does with it all! 

I can’t quite believe that Annabelle is now 6 months old! I’m sure the first 8 words of that phrase are ones I’ll continue to use for the rest of my life, as all parents do I’m sure, inserting a number of months or years. Adam mentioned that Annabelle is now closer to her 1st birthday than to the day that she was born, a realisation that made me sad but excited all at the same time. It still astounds me how much she changes and develops in such a short amount of time. If I compare newborn Annabelle to 6 month Annabelle the difference is incredible! This small little human has survived on nothing but milk and sleep but has progressed more physically and mentally than I have in the last 10 years!  Continue reading “Life Begins At 6 Months!”


In Annabelle’s short little 5 months, there have been so many exciting experiences and unforgettable events in our world. We celebrated our first Christmas as a family when Annabelle was just 10 days old. We welcomed in the new year holding our daughter in our arms. She’s enjoyed her first Easter and her first little trip abroad. We have taken pictures of her meeting different family members for the first time. She’s been swimming for the first time and loved every second!  Continue reading “Power”