Annabelle has been the big O N E for a month now, so it’s about time I pulled my finger out and blogged about it!

We had such a lovely time celebrating her birthday, and I loved seeing Annabelle surrounded by friends and family. We decided to enjoy her actual birthday just as a family of 3, and spent the day doing things we knew Annabelle would enjoy. We had a lazy morning opening presents, and she was so good at unwrapping the paper. We went for lunch at Wagamammas as she loves noodles and veg and they do a great kids menu (although she would much prefer the adult meal!) After lunch we took her to soft play for the first time and she loved it! When we got home, she had her first taste of birthday cake after dinner and scoffed the whole cake!

The following day, we had a little low-key party for her, and invited people to just drop in during the day. It was just lovely to have so many people, especially in the midst of Christmas chaos, come and enjoy her special day.

I loved reminiscing about ‘this time last year’ and talking to Adam about when we were in hospital having Annabelle. There’s so much that I’d forgotten and so many happy memories along with all the pain and the long, long labour!

Time has flown so quickly. I can’t believe I have a 1 year old daughter, it only seems like yesterday that she was a tiny newborn and all she knew was feeding and sleeping. Yet, I can’t remember what life was like without her running around hiding toys in the washing machine and pulling all the clothes out the laundry basket. Time has gone as quickly as it has slowly and to think all that Annabelle has achieved and how much she’s developed in 12 months is incredible. Life is a miracle and I’m so grateful for her happy countenance and how she has transformed our lives for the better.

Happy 1st Birthday little Annabelle! We love you with all our hearts.


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