Cheeky, Fun and 10 Months Young

I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since my last post! I’ve had every intention of writing another post for months now. At the beginning of a new week, I tend to give myself a mental check list of things to do in the week to come, and every Monday I tell myself, ‘I’ll write a new post this week’, and it gets to the following week and it’s back on my mental checklist again. It’s not because I’ve been stuck on things to write; in fact I’ve written about 9 blog posts in my head! But then came the problem that too much time had lapsed and I didn’t know how to catch up on everything I wanted to write about. So the thought of writing became daunting, which is completely the opposite reason why I started this in the first place! So I’ve given myself a bit of a talking to, found a quiet few minutes (they do exist!) and bitten the bullet. 

Ironically, my last post was ‘Life Begins at 6 Months’, and I have since learnt that that was effectively the end of mine! Annabelle is now 10 months and can do many the things that I have been worried about!

She’s been on the move for a few months, confidently crawling, pulling herself up to standing, cruising and trying to stand without holding on. Besides walking, I feel like she’s ticking all the movement boxes and it’s exhausting! I’m sure I’ll look back on this time once she’s walking/running and realise how easy I had it, but right now I miss being able to sit her in a spot and still find her there 20 minutes later. It was a simpler time. Trying to take the cute I’m xx months today’ photos are getting harder!

She’s worked out how to navigate her way around the livng room, mainly to the bookcase so she can pull all my heavy cookery books off, many narrowly missing her feet (the rest all hit her foot square on and it always ends in tears). She can also navigate her way to anywhere that I’ve hidden the remote control or her dummy. Pretty sure she can sniff them out better than any sniffer dog. Her favourite spot is directly in front of the TV, where she enjoys all her favourites: Teletubbies, Mr Tumble, Bing, Tipping Point and more recently Strictly! Just earlier today she was sat in the kitchen playing with the oven gloves when she heard the Strictly music, dropped everything, scampered out of the kitchen and resumed her position in front of the TV with the biggest grin on her face! I’ve never been more proud!

Not only has she developed speed in moving around a room, but her speed and accuracy with her hands has definitely evolved. I mean, she can lash out and grab any part of my face she chooses with so much ferosity and at such a pace that I don’t even see it happen, I’m just left with the throbbing pain afterwards. She has also been known to draw blood. Adam was at the receiving end of a hefty blow from the remote control, a battle that he clearly lost! We are trying to teach her, ‘be gentle…softly…like this…’ while we demonstrate with slow and careful movements. She just laughs at us.

Another sure way of getting a laugh out of Annabelle is to simply say “No” when she’s doing something she shouldn’t be. She thinks it’s hilarious! She’ll giggle, shake her head, put down whatever it is she has and then immediately pick it up again waiting to repeat the same comical chastisement. Probably doesn’t help that I think she’s totally cute for giggling and being cheeky so I end up smiling too. I love that she has a cheeky character (probably won’t say that between the ages of 2 and 16, but for now it’s super cute). We’ve had the tantrums too though, it doesn’t always end in cheeky giggles. In Tesco today, I dared to stop her from sucking the trolley, so she thought she’d share with the rest of the store how unreasonable I was being. Nothing that a distraction couldn’t resolve thank goodness.

She loves emptying things too. Particular favourites of hers are a freshly folded laundry basket, the changing bag just as I’m rushing to leave the house, my make up bag and the tray and little lip of her bib after she’s eaten, making sure every little scrap ends up on the floor. I love her ability to find fun in any situation, and I love to see her explore. I just have to remind myself of that as I’m refolding the laundry for the umpteenth time, wishing I’d remembered to move it out of arms reach.

Literally every day with Annabelle is fun. I didn’t ever imagine myself having so much fun with a baby, especially one that can’t walk or talk! Playing games, teasing, tickle fights, peekaboo, singing, crawling races, hide and seek…a few months ago she wouldn’t have engaged in many of these things, but now she’s loving anything and everything (except having her hands and face wiped after eating). One of her new favourite games is offering one of us a toy and then just as we go to take it from her, she whips it away. I love that she’s mischevious.

I think my absolute favourite thing that she does is when she gives us kisses. Sometimes she gives us a kiss because we’re persistently demanding a kiss, but other times it’s because she just wants to. It melts my heart. Sometimes, she’ll wake up, stand up in her cot and when I walk in to pick her up, she gives me the slobberiest kiss on the lips and I could quite happily pause time and keep her doing that forever.

I can’t believe my little baby has reached the dizzy heights of double digits already, I feel like we’re just on a downward spiral to her 1st birthday. I’m feeling constantly torn between wishing she stays exactly as she is now and so excited to see her grow and develop in character. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I think that.

I’ll also try to not leave it 4 months before my next post!


One thought on “Cheeky, Fun and 10 Months Young”

  1. Have loved reading this as always what a delightful mummy and daughter twosome you are so much love joy and sheer happiness oozes from your post I love Annabelle so dearly what a beautiful family I have xxxxx


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