In Annabelle’s short little 5 months, there have been so many exciting experiences and unforgettable events in our world. We celebrated our first Christmas as a family when Annabelle was just 10 days old. We welcomed in the new year holding our daughter in our arms. She’s enjoyed her first Easter and her first little trip abroad. We have taken pictures of her meeting different family members for the first time. She’s been swimming for the first time and loved every second! 

However, also within this short little life of hers, there have also been 2 terrorist attacks on her home country. With both the attack on Westminster and the Manchester attack my heart sunk as I heard the news. I’ve sat glued to BBC news as all the details unfolded while cradling Annabelle in my arms. And I’m not ashamed to say I’ve shed a few tears. Not to mention all other crimes and disasters we face in this world.

It makes me so unbelievably sad to think that there are people in this world who feel it is their ‘duty’ to cause so much heartache and destruction. Their delusional minds have shown us all how inhumane and evil they are. They feel like they have some sort of power over us. But what makes me sadder is that as I sit holding Annabelle, or watch her play merrily in her bouncer, is I fear that the world she’s going to grow up in is filling with more evil and hatred.

So. What am I going to do about it? I mean, aside from the fact I’ve done my Prevent training. I’m going to raise my little girl in a world of love. She is already the most loved little girl by her mummy and daddy and all other family members and I will make sure she feels that love constantly. And I hope that that love will run through her viens. That love will power her in all that she does.

Power her to smile. Power her to be kind. Power her to help others. Power her to work hard and be proud of her achievements. Power her to see the good in everyone and everything. Power her to surround herself with good people. Power her to inspire others to show love. Power her to make wise choices. Power her to be the good we want to see in the world. Power her to change the world.


4 thoughts on “Power”

  1. You are not the only parent that will feel this way. As I read your blog I reflect on the stories my grandmother told me about raising my dad in the second world war, with bombs threatening to drop on them at any time, I cannot comprehend what a frightening and horrible experience this must of been. Whilst carrying my son Hyrum , 24 yrs ago, the IRA often bombed and sent bomb threats given in the streets of London , causing fear and panic in us, however I have found goodness is around, joy can be found, peace can be felt with all those who show love, love life and seek hope for a brighter future. You and you sweet family will find ways to find that power to make Annabelle’s world a happy and safe one

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  2. Beautifully and thoughtfully written this is a scary world but your quotes are so true and children like Annabelle make this world such a happier place to be thank you


  3. Beautifully put! The power of love is truely great. As I taught Seminary this year, the overarching theme of the New Testament, I felt …. was LOVE! ❤️


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