I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired recently, and haven’t posted in a while. So I’m going to simply ramble on about what’s in Mummabelle’s world recently and see where I end up. I apologise in advance and applaude you if you make it to the end.


Annabelle had her first trip abroad! We went over to Versailles in Paris to visit the LDS Paris Temple open house. It was such a lovely trip and we were so excited to not only see the temple, but to be inside a temple with Annabelle as we won’t have that experience again for a long time! On the whole, Annabelle coped really well, although we did have a few minor dramas to which I’m now calling ‘memorable experiences’. Our first memorable experience involved an emergency outfit change under the English Channel on the back seat of our hire car. That was fun. The second memorable experience involved yet another emergency outfit change less than an hour after the first in the front seat of our hire car (thought I’d mix it up a bit). I’ve always carried two emergency outfits around with me and to date, can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to change her clothes, so two changes within an hour was a personal best!

Another memorable experience was the fact that Annabelle hated our hire car. I have no idea why but she just cried and cried when we were in the car. Now Annabelle’s had her fair share of long distance journeys, our longest being up to Newcastle and she’s always just slept or gazed out the window. Not this time though. We used every toy/song/game we knew and trusted, but to no avail. Until, that is, we had a brainwave. Annabelle loves looking at herself in the mirror, and I can usually snap a great picture of her beaming away when she’s looking at herself on the selfie camera. So we got the selfie camera on my iPad, stuck it in front of her propped up against her feet and she was as good as gold for 20+ minutes!! OK, probably not my proudest parenting moment but we had a train to catch and it kept her happy!

All in all, the trip was absolutely wonderful. I loved seeing the temple, it was so beautiful and I loved all the symbolism and attention to detail. As expected, each room was exquisite and there was such a wonderful feeling as we wandered around. Annabelle coped well with all the changes and we managed to remember everything we needed! So I’m putting it down as a successful weekend.

The official pictures of the Paris Temple and it’s beautiful interior can be found on the LDS website.

Passport: check!
Copilot to Grandpa and Nana in the Eurotunnel (after emergency change nombre un)

Copilot with Daddy at some French services (after emergency change nombre deux)
Enjoying the beauty of Versailles
The beautiful Paris Temple
Beautiful statue of Christ in the gardens of the Paris Temple

Both Adam and I have celebrated our birthdays in the past few weeks; our first as parents! Adams birthday fell just outside the Easter weekend so he cheekily took a day or two off either side of the 4 day weekend to create an even longer ‘weekend’ and we went up to his beloved North East for the week. His birthday mainly consisted of food and Annabelle cuddles, with a special birthday trip to Ikea and Costco (his choice) where we bought a bulk load of baby wipes, book for Annabelle and some calpol. Perhaps a slightly more parenty birthday than we’d anticipated but he enjoyed it nonetheless.

My birthday ended with a zero this year which means it’s a ‘big birthday’ and I felt pressured to do something ‘big’ to celebrate. I never know what to do for my birthday normally, let alone anything big, especially with a baby in tow. A few years ago we went away to the Cotswolds for a few nights with my parents and stayed in the most idyllic little cottage surrounded by picturesque countryside. I absolutely loved that holiday. So I thought it would be lovely to recreate a similar break in celebration of my zero birthday. We set off for the Cotswolds and stayed in yet another quaint cottage with my parents. As luck would have it, I felt rotten on my birthday. I was therefore exceptionally grateful that Adam took Annabelle downstairs and treated me to the most wonderful lie-in. We had a lovely lazy morning/afternoon and I thankfully perked up ready to enjoy a delicious meal at the Old Stocks Inn in Stow-on-the-Wold.

Just before we had our meal, we decided to have a little stroll around Stow. This was all going well until we realised Adam had pushed the pushchair through a load of dog poo. Grrr. Our attempts to remove it using long grass were relatively unsuccessful as it had managed to spread itself into every nook and cranny available. Donning a make-shift nappy sack glove, I used a load of baby wipes, with the occasional assistance of a stick, to remove the unwanted feaceas from the wheel and surrounding area. Not quite the activity I’d planned on doing on my birthday!

When we got into the restaurant, I lifted Annabelle out of her pushchair only to find that she’d be so inspired by the poo-ridden pushchair that she thought she’d contribute some of her own too! I took her into the ladies to complete another full emergency change, stripped her down to her nappy, only to discover that as a result of poo incident number 1, I was only left with a mere 2 baby wipes to tackle poo incident number 2 (no pun intended).

Well I muddled through and we had the most delicious meal. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend and it was everything I’d wanted it to be. Relaxing, fun and surrounded by beautiful scenery and my favourite people!

Annabelle and the birthday boy!
Birthday surprises!
Room with a view…perfect.

Growing up!

As ever, Annabelle is changing and developing by the day. She’s a confident roller now, going from flat on her back to cobra pose in a nano second. And it seems my frantic clapping and whooping like a mad woman is paying off as she’s able to last longer on her tummy before she gives up, rests her forehead on the ground and just cries. In the last week or so she’s been lured in by toys, mirrors, lights to stay on her tummy, and has even tried reaching for things with her arms and kicking her legs. She’s even rolling two or three times in a row, so I have to keep my wits about me as who knows where she’ll end up! Glad to see that she’s showing resilience and tolerance even when I know it’s not her favourite thing. She’s bouncing in her new (extremely large) jumperoo and it’s clear she’s loving being a bit more independent.

I love watching her play. She’s got such a curiosity for new toys and I love seeing her face when she discovers something new. Her new favourite toy at the moment is a set of stacking cups. She’ll sit with them in between her legs and fling them around randomly. Or I’ll stack them up and she’ll frantically send the tower crashing and giggle every time. Or she’ll just pick one particular cup and gnaw on it and dribble all over it.

She’s also loving books which makes me really happy. She loves looking at different pictures, and will stroke the pages with her hands. She smiles when she sees the face of a baby in a book. We read a book before bed the other night which is one of the loveliest book I’ve ever come across. The author was Emma Dodd and the book was called ‘Love’. It had beautiful illustrations with some parts highlighted with a golden shine which Annabelle loved. I love children’s books and I can’t wait to read more and more with her as she grows up!

I’m well aware that this post isn’t the most exciting in the world, so if you’ve made it this far, I’ll be surprised. I even wouldn’t judge you if you’ve skimmed the last 3 paragraphs. But I’ll finish with the most exciting and anticipated development in the life of Mummabelle.

We are a gaviscon free household!

After 3 months of mixing that rotten, foul smelling, beige powder into Annabelle’s feed, she is finally silent reflux free! I appreciate that no one else will share my excitement but this is literally worthy of an anti-reflux party in my eyes. Not only am I grateful that we don’t have to faff around with the silly double sachet (why not just put the right quantity in one sachet?!), and not only am I grateful that my carpet will no longer be comprised of 90% gaviscon powder as I always spill some, but I’m grateful that Annabelle is now comfortable and has a digestive system that has matured enough to function for her. I was also beginning to worry about how her reflux would affect her as she moved onto solids as that’s just around the corner, so fingers crossed it’s righted itself just in time. Woohoo!

Can you believe that it’s taken me about a week to write this post?! Probably my least interesting and poorly written post ever and it’s taken forever. But I guess sometimes it’s nice to document the small things. Thanks for reading and I’ll reward your efforts by trying to make the next one more interesting!


2 thoughts on “Uninspired ”

  1. Brilliant post, no need to apologise for such a good post. I enjoyed reading it ….I believe its the small things that matter as they add to all the memories that will be so dear in months or years to come, Even the poo situations haha. I enjoyed your post ( I wouldnt have read all of it otherwise and wouldnt say i enjoyed it either 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thank you for sharing and lovely pictures too.

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