One + One = (Another) One

For the first time I could see her whole face. I, again, got all emotional because I had this overwhelming sense of familiarity. I recognised her. Her little face was just beautiful and I felt this undenaible connection.


People love to speculate as to what the baby will look like before it arrives. Adam and I worried we’d have a baby that was a concoction of all our worst features! (Still could possibly happen in the future I guess!) And once the baby arrives, there are 3 mandatory questions that must be asked: “How heavy was she?”, “Was it a long labour?” and “Who does she look like?”

When Annabelle was born, they brought her up to me and she was lying on my chest for what felt like forever. Time had stopped. It was the most surreal, beautiful time. Just the three of us. They took her away, popped a nappy on her (didn’t realise they didn’t clean the baby up) and wrapped her in a towel and then Adam held her while I was being ‘repaired’. I loved looking at him looking at her. After a little while, I had her back and I was able to breastfeed her which I found a really emotional experience. All of these are precious memories that I hope will stay with me forever.

It wasn’t until a little while later when Annabelle was placed in her little plastic cot, that I saw her face properly for the first time. When she was first placed on me, I couldn’t properly see her face, only her head, and while she was breastfeeding, part of her face was (obviously) obscured. But her lying in this little cot I could, for the first time, see her whole face. I, again, got all emotional because I had this overwhelming sense of familiarity. I recognised her. Her little face was just beautiful and I felt this undenaible connection.

I strongly believe that we all come from a spirit world before we are born, and that as spirits, Adam and I knew Annabelle in pre-earth life. This familiarity must have been in relation to that surely. On second thoughts, it dawned on me that she looked so familiar because she was the spitting image of Adam!

Now I’ve never really been one to ‘see’ the parent in a baby; a baby just looks like a baby. But this was a fairly obvious one. And apparently everyone agreed. I’ve lost count of the number of comments I’ve had about how much she looks like Adam.

There are many theories / sciencey stuff that say this is to help the father bond with the baby as they have obviously not been quite as physically involved during the baby’s growth. I do think I observed this with Adam and Annabelle. I could tell he loved the fact she looked like him and I loved seeing his new-found fatherly pride in this.

On the other hand, I am also beginning to see some of myself in her. And as much as I love that she is like Adam, I also want her to be a teeny bit like me, ’cause I made her too! I think it’s only human to invest so much time, energy and love into something and want a little bit of recognition/resemblance in return! But as she’s growing, she is showing us that she resembles both of us. Here’s the lowdown:

Daddy’s Girl

  • She’s got his cute chubby cheeks
  • They have similar eyes
  • Her delicate little lips are the same shape as her Daddy’s
  • Recently, she’s developed the same hair line as her daddy
  • She’s got long, slender fingers
  • She’s happiest when she’s had a long nap
  • She gets grumpy when she’s hungry
  • She poops a lot
  • They both sleep with a bent leg, knee in the air
  • She gets too hot very easily
  • She’s a long baby, just like her Daddy when he was a baby
  • She’s a water baby who loves the bath and the swimming pool (although that’s like both of us to be fair!)

Mummy’s Girl

  • It appears she’s inherited my nose, huge nostrils included
  • Her hair colour is similar to mine
  • Her eye colour is close to mine and my mums eyes
  • She’s entertained by simple things
  • She loves a good snuggle
  • She likes snacking, a little tipple of milk between her milk lunch and milk dinner
  • Her long eyelashes are similar to her Mummy’s
  • She loves people watching
  • Always looking around her, she’s inquisitive about the world around her (or nosey if you’d prefer)
  • She has a slender neck, unlike her Dad’s!
  • She likes talking, particularly over other people or when someone’s trying to watch TV
  • She gets excited when listening to music
  • She’s got chubby legs and a podgy tummy!

Despite these similarities to Adam and I, Annabelle is definitely Annabelle. I can see already, just 4 months into her little life that she’s got her own personality, characteristics and physical traits.


  • She’s happiest first thing in the morning (we have no idea where she gets this from)
  • She’s got strong legs and loves standing up (again, both Adam and I spend most of our time lounging on the sofa!)
  • She’s small and dainty for a baby of her age. As a fairly heavy baby when she was born, she soon dropped down the percentiles and looks quite diddy! I’m still using most of her 0-3 month clothes and she’s 4 months now! (I don’t think Adam or I have ever been associated with the word ‘dainty’)
  • She thinks coughing and sneezing are hilarious
  • She hates being on her own, and has to be able to see/hear someone nearby
  • She loves looking at herself in the mirror and gazing out the window
  • She looks great in a pair of leggings (I however, do not, and I’m yet to see Adam in leggings)
  • Her determination astounds me. In everything she does, she is determined to use her strength, mental and physical abilities to make the most out of every little experience.

OK, so many of these are very superficial qualities, and only time will tell how she develops other qualities. I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at her and wondering whether she’ll use her long fingers to play a musical instrument like Mummy, or her strong legs to kick a ball like Daddy. Will she have a strong work ethic like Mummy or have common sense and a logical mind like Daddy? And what will she do that’s just Annabelle? Whatever happens, and whatever her little future holds, I can’t wait to see who she becomes and what her stamp on the world will be.

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